The Dark Matters

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The Wall

Not Here


Something Growing

You're Welcome Here

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01 The Wall

The Wall


What was left when you started out your day

When everything you thought about in undiluted drink

And why didn't we know the change in him all around us

And everything we planned in life, now left, dissolved


I think about the wall

That built up over time

We haven't try to climb it

And everything we left on the floor

It still remains there

I watch the frightened crawl

Like a victim in a crime

It's what was left behind love

And all the places left we will never know

We will never go there


In such a rainy world you can never hide

There's too many clouds up in the sky

They wash you out before you can cry them

But when the sun comes out

The warm was all about you crawled in my arms

We might fly then, we'll cry then, we'll try again


I'd like to know what we can see there

I'd like to know what we can be there

I'd like to know when will we meet there


I think about the world, I think that we can be

Won't leave you lost in history

An then I wake to find grieving thoughts on the wall in my mind

I think about love I think about you, I think about me

I think about you and victims of the crimes that love must run into

Run into

© 2023 David Santos

02 Not Here

Not Here


It's safe in the plane but not down there

The jokers point out, They yell beware

And no one will see where danger runs

Broken glass everywhere, it's just begun


The man in the blazing fire

Shoots his gun and we all desire safety

Oh we will escape from here

Phone streaming everywhere

And you say nothing's wrong but where are you tonight

Not here


Life of a king has just begun

The new charlatans hoax everyone 

The colors of the town is not the same

Everyone judges who's to blame


The path that would bring us here  

Won't Revert us back to safety

Stream watchers have condemned

They send their love 

Where are they when it's done

Where have they gone

Not here

Not here

Not here

Not here


© 2023 David Santos

03 Hopeless



Hoping to find a moment and spend it with you

Everything's on the verge of falling right through

When the nerves kicked I suddenly lost my game

That uncertain feel after trying most everything


Hoping to share your lock and give you my key

Your circle of friends won't break an entrance for me

I Hunt for ways to get your eyes looking this way

So little targets left it's not worth taking aim


It's so hopeless

When darkness drags you down till your weak

It's so hopeless

Maybe counter with sleep

It's so hopeless

Counting these pointless go nowhere sheep

It's so hopeless

It's irrevocable and I'm falling in deep


A time in my mind, I lived in a fairy tale

Stars aligned the moments without the Veil

I can't complain about things, that don't work out

I can't erase my mind I guess there's just no doubt


I've fallen in love

I'm falling in love again

I'm falling for you oh this helpless end

I've fallen in love

I've fallen for you again

I've fallen in love

I know this trend, it's helpless end

With you it's a helpless end

You, will you help this end


© 2023 David Santos

04 Something Growing

Something Growing


The girl beside me on the floor

Needs some help to find the door 

But the room decides the war

I walk thru weird darkened forest

No one noticed, something growing 


Another chance thrown at me 

Missed, placed down in front of me,

then I woke up

Why am I so lucky to avoid the grief

That others reap and can't duck

Miles just riding clouds 

Pour the showers

Love will grow about


The girl beside me on the phone

Trying to force a call back home

But the writings on the wall

I walk with her through unknown forest

No one sees something growing


Every glance passed on me, 

Wait, who's there to see? then I woke up

Why am I so lucky to fall into 

The kind of love that can't stop

Miles just riding clouds 

Pour the showers

Love will grow about


© 2023 David Santos

05 You're Welcome Here

You're Welcome Here

The reason I toss all night
Leaving a situation
Everything was headed off the rails
Morning starts to call 
Trembles never calmed 
Breathe, a moment to exhale

Heartbreak on the verge
Questioned my own worth  
A gate, I walked through very slow  
Storms along the way
Breaking to a fade
Hear a voice, weaving through the cold  

Rest your head, you're mind will clear
Stay the night, You're welcome here

I've seen a good man bleed
Got no information
He aches, he stands up then he runs
No begging
No blaming, conquers the worst 
A Voice at last offers a home

Rest your head, you're mind will clear
Stay the night, You're welcome here
No more fight, no more fear
Rest your mind, you're welcome here

No more fight, no more fear
Rest your mind, you're welcome here
Voice is hers, Love so dear
Stay the night, you're welcome here 

© 2023 David Santos