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David Santos based in Northern California. My purpose is to continue writing and recording music to enjoy and share. With so much music out in the world, who has time to listen to more? Probably no one, but it shouldn't stop us from expressing ourselves so I'm doing just that.

If you find a few minutes I would love for you to take a listen and I hope you enjoy the experience.

Music Production

Fun, Music, Songs, Singing, Pianos, Guitars, Strumming, Listening and even sometimes taking a break and eating. From songwriting to recording and arranging, we've been blessed to have a place to do what we love

Until We Meet Again Video


A lyric video Until We Meet Again from David's Station Stops EP released September 2021. Inspired by the wonderful sentiment of watching our children grow up and the sometimes sad feelings of watching them leave as they embrace their own lives.


Coming Soon!

We have moved to a new Website host and were working to get our past Memories, releases, pictures and info up soon!

More DavidSantosMusic, Ivory Tower, Metro Jets, (John Nava) The Biggest Game In Town and of course the wonderful people who have helped our musical efforts since way back in the day!

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