The Biggest Game In Town

Music Composed by David Santos

The Biggest Game In Town is an independent film by John Nava release in 2016. 


Below you can hear some of the movie soundtrack and the final credits song Hey Destiny by David Santos and vocal performance by Renee Thomas. The Biggest Game In Town is available for streaming on Amazon Prime HERE!


Thinking About It No.2

Mow the One Eyed Jack

Card Playing Insults

Eyes On Hearts

Show Me Them Cards

That Night with Richie

Deal Cards No.2

Wakeup Call

Destiny Meets Slingblades

Destiny Overhead

Richie Rattled

Uh Oh

Hey Destiny

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Hey Destiny

Hey Destiny

Awake in a dream, lifted away
You were there, it's a little vague
Your voice is calling
So I'm heading down

Move beyond this lonely room
Miss you friend you make smiles bloom
Well there's no crying allowed here
So I propped that frown
No man wants a wasted journey
Not trying is the heavy crime

Hey Destiny out there waiting 
Hey Destiny I'm out here too 
All I know what we're looking for
Eventually comes true

Useless trends, throw away
After all this journey waged
Answers to questions
that we all will find

Music will be big and loud
I saw you I knew I found
All our friends will join us
Make a great big crowd
No road is a wasted journey
Not trying is the heavy crime

I've been down and out of my head
Waiting around for you
It's like a useless dare I'm floating in the air
Begging to hear from you


© 2015 David Santos

The Band in the Movie

A great drummer and a great friend!

The Band in rehearsal